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ALISS vision

We believe that the people of Scotland living with long term conditions, disabled people and unpaid carers should be able to access the information they need to help them live well.

The ALISS (A Local Information System for Scotland) Programme is funded by the Scottish Government and delivered by the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the ALLIANCE).

ALISS key objectives are:

  • To increase the availability of health and wellbeing information for people living with long term conditions, disabled people and unpaid carers.
  • To support people, communities, professionals and organisations that have information to share.
  • To ensure that stakeholders are informed, skilled and confident in the use and application of web services and that they are connected as part of a wider community of practice.
  • To ensure that ALISS is used and is strategically aligned with Scottish health and social care needs.

We can help you find.

  • Foodbanks.
  • Money advice.
  • Mental health support.
  • Homelessness support.
  • Local and national services.

We cannot help you find.

  • Volunteer roles.
  • Training courses.
  • Events.
  • Documents.
  • General business listings.